Caverns and Catacombs Playtest Character Sheets

27 Jun

Alright! Took me about a week, but I think I’m pretty much done with the pre-made character for next month’s playtest. There are four characters, each one basically designed specifically for the person who will be playing them. You’ve got the mage, Baran Zhuul, a bastard son of noble birth who turned to magic for power. Then there’s Brother Eldar Envaris, an elven cleric who serves the Elf Mother as a wandering healer and witcher. Next is Macklin “Mack” Snow, a halfling rogue who is loosely tied to the Thieves Guild and is posing as something he isn’t (like a candle maker or something – I’m going to let the player decide). Finally, Dreg Yurick is the resident dwarf fighter, a bounty hunter who is trying his hand at a bigger score as a dungeoneer.

Each character sheet is 11×17 and is meant to be printed double-sided with the rules summary on the back. My plan is to introduce them to the Isle of Dread, which will play host to the group’s adventures throughout the playtesting future (or until we get bored of it). Next thing to work on is the DM’s screen I’m going to use for the session.

Click here or the image below to download the PDF.



Premade Character for Caverns and Catacombs

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