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Caverns and Catacombs Playtest Character Sheets

Alright! Took me about a week, but I think I’m pretty much done with the pre-made character for next month’s playtest. There are four characters, each one basically designed specifically for the person who will be playing them. You’ve got the mage, Baran Zhuul, a bastard son of noble birth who turned to magic for power. Then there’s Brother Eldar Envaris, an elven cleric who serves the Elf Mother as a wandering healer and witcher. Next is Macklin “Mack” Snow, a halfling rogue who is loosely tied to the Thieves Guild and is posing as something he isn’t (like a candle maker or something – I’m going to let the player decide). Finally, Dreg Yurick is the resident dwarf fighter, a bounty hunter who is trying his hand at a bigger score as a dungeoneer.

Each character sheet is 11×17 and is meant to be printed double-sided with the rules summary on the back. My plan is to introduce them to the Isle of Dread, which will play host to the group’s adventures throughout the playtesting future (or until we get bored of it). Next thing to work on is the DM’s screen I’m going to use for the session.

Click here or the image below to download the PDF.



Premade Character for Caverns and Catacombs

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Quick Level Zero Mock-Up for Caverns and Catacombs

So, you’ll probably notice that all of my stuff lately is built off of the same (or very similar) systems. I feel like I have a pretty solid system forming, based (of course!) off of World of Dungeons.

Caverns and Catacombs is going to be my version of Advanced World of Dungeons meets Dungeon Crawl Classics. Here is a simple mock-up I did for some playtesting.

C&C Level Zero Sheets

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It’s been too long and Advanced World of Shadows via Facebook (?!)

So, it’s been over a year since I last posted anything on my blog. Sadly I admit I didn’t accomplish anything during 2013. But, I did do a lot of creative thinking and development, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting really close to nailing something down. I think part of my problem is always working alone – I spend too much time critiquing my own work and not enough time talking to people about what I’m working on.I have a ton of notes and half-finished games on various hard-drives now, so instead of continuing to let this blog sit dormant, I figure I’ll start posting some stuff every day, no matter how unfinished it is. It’ll be easier for me to reference in the future, maybe it will inspire someone, or maybe someone will inspire me. Who knows?

Anyways, I’ll start with the most recent thing I’m working on: Advanced World of Shadows! Or, what I’ll be calling it for the time being: Shadows of the Sixth World. This project started as a desire to get some game sessions running online, since one of our players now lives in Washington DC. We decided to play over Facebook(!) and it’s actually working quite well – everyone is highly connected to Facebook so it keeps everyone involved.

The system is a slightly advanced version of World of Shadows (which you can find in a link on this blog), which is based off of John’s World of Dungeons, which is based off of Sage and Adam’s Dungeon World, which is based off of Vincent’s Apocalypse World.

Here is the Character Sheet, made into a fillable PDF form for online play:
SotSW CS Thumb

Here is the PDF containing character creation information:
Character Creation Alpha Doc

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World of Shadows

So, recently John Harper released a mini-game called World of Dungeons to help push the Dungeon World Kick-Starter campaign. Story-games has been buzzing about it a lot lately. I showed it to a few members of my gaming group (now that I’m back in South Florida…ugh) and they seemed really interested, but didn’t really want to get into any sword and sworcery stories. So, since I’ve been itching to get them running the shadows in Seattle, I made a pretty much straight up trace I call “World of Shadows”.

I had to be a little more descriptive with the rules for my group than John was in the source content. Credit where credit is due: J. Harper and C. McDowell for World of Dungeons, which is a derivative of Dungeon World by Sage Latorra and Adam Koebel, which is in turn a derivative of Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker.

Download it here.


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