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Although the past few months have been pretty crazy, I managed to spend some time on my latest project which I’ve dubbed “Shadow-Hack”. It’s a mashup of Shadowrun and Old School Hack. If you find yourself itching for some Shadowrun fun but aren’t crazy about wading through all the rules, try out Shadow-Hack. If you want, leave me some feedback on the story-games thread here. Below is a link to download the PDF document.

Download PDF


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Danger Patrollin’, Old School Hackin’, Shadowrunnin’, and More!

Hey again!

The gears of creativity are still turning, albeit at a slightly slower pace. Still, I have a couple of cool things to share. First, a week or so ago, a few buddies came over the house and we got a decent game of Danger Patrol going.  It was my first foray into table-top gaming (with the exception of Settlers of Catan, which my wife is kind of addicted to) in about a year, so it was refreshing. I really enjoyed the light rules, player participation, and lack of prep. You can read the Actual Play thread over on story-games, here. Alas, it’s kinda long though.

I’ve also been playing around with the simple rules-system that I’d been using for NYC2123. I’d like to take those rules and apply them to an original game idea. I had a throw-away concept in my head about a setting where the seas have risen above the land, and humanity survives on flotillas of hydro-scrapers. Here’s a sneak peak of a character sheet design…

The art is by Bradley Bleaker. I found a cache of character body-shots we purchased from him back in 2007 for a post-apocalyptic game we were attempting to go commercial with. Lo and behold, nothing ever came of that project, so I figure why let the art go to waste?

Most recently, my group has expressed the urge to get some Shadowrunning going next time we’re all able to get together. To be perfectly frank, Shadowrun is the shit. I love it. It’s my all time favorite. But I don’t have the time or the doctorate necessary to fully comprehend those rules, so I’m keen on using other rules with that setting (see my D&D4E hack).  I’m not really interested in going the SR-D&D4E route again, so I figured I’d try something different. I’m going to take a crack at a Shadowrun reskinning for Kirin Robinson’s Old School Hack. Here is my rough draft for the first of many character sheets I plan to make.

OSH Street Samurai (11×17 Full Page PDF)

Yes, currently it is in portrait 11×17 and that’s how I plan to print them out when we play, but I promise to make the single sheet into two 8.5×11’s for a folder-spread set up or to print them front and back. If I get some feedback and people seem interested, I’ll probably make up a full OSH Shadowrun booklet.


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And I burst forth with scads of role-playing sweetness…

So, for the past twelve years, approximately, I have been hard at work creating different homebrew systems and game hacks for dozens of different role-playing and story-telling games. I think myself a fairly creative individual, but I’m definitely scatter-brained. I have made some pretty neat stuff, but most of my work has gone the way of the dodo bird, however, getting lost in seas of papers that eventually get tossed into the recycling bin when I get into a moving frenzy.

So, rather than archive all the cool (at least I think it’s cool) stuff I’ve come up with recently, I’ve decided to start up this blog to share the fruits of my labor. Hopefully, someone out there will find this stuff to be worth checking out and leaving me some feedback. As I continue to find creative bursts here and there, I’ll keep posting stuff I come up with.

Thanks for stopping by!

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